"Here amid these picturesque hills our forefathers and foremothers toiled for the sake of goodly heritage. We should do no less."

Willington Historical Society

If you have an item you believe may be of interest to the Willington Historical Society, please contact us with a short description of the item(s) and the best time to reach you. One of our members will be in touch with you to discuss the procedure for acquisition. Your interest is most appreciated.

Acquisitions Policy


The Willington Historical Society seeks to enhance its collection through the acquisition of objects by purchase, gift, and bequest relevant to the Town of Willington, its history, and people. The Society values quality over quantity. The Acquisitions process is the responsibility of the Acquisitions Committee and the Executive Board. The Society will also acquire objects and materials for the purpose of educational programs, functions and exhibits, the sale or exchange to benefit the collection, or for study purposes.

The Society will research the provenance of all proposed acquisitions and take every reasonable precaution to ensure that it can acquire a valid title. It will require a minimum provenance of documentation.

Gifts will be accompanied by a Deed of Gift and/or other agreement (supplied by the historical society) which transfers ownership of the object from the donor to the Historical Society and outlines the terms and conditions of the gift.

Each acquisition proposal will include information about the object, material, date, donor, and a description of the importance to the collection. Condition reports providing authenticity of materials, condition, and cost factors relating to conservation, installation, and storage will be a factor.

The Acquisition Committee’s purpose is to collect, preserve, and provide public access to those documents and artifacts which are significant or potentially useful in advancing the understanding and experiences in the Town of Willington.

Deaccessioning Policy

The Willington Historical Society reserves the right to deaccession an object in their collection only after a careful review of its deaccessioning criteria. Some of the criteria might include:

Disposal options may include donation of object to another museum, library, or archive; exchange with another museum; use for school programs or research; repatriation, such as Native American objects; private sale; public auction; return to donor; or physical destruction.

List of Areas for Acquisition