"Here amid these picturesque hills our forefathers and foremothers toiled for the sake of goodly heritage. We should do no less."

Daniel Glazier Restoration Process

We were able to secure a matching construction grant from the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office /Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) for the necessary work at the tavern. The grant work was completed in March of 2013 at a total cost of $81,900 with the Willington Historical Society responsible for $40,950 of that total.

old stairsOld basement stairs New Basement StairsNew basement stairs Old basement dirt floor Original dirt floor in basement sump pump pitA new sump pump being installed
New cement floor in basementNew cement floor in basement Sistered beamsBeams sistered together to provide additional support stitch boltingStitch bolting to attach beams Openin gto Ell enlargedExpanded opening to Ell
Ell dirt floorDirt floor in Ell Ell cement floorNew cement floor in ell Ell footingsNew ell footings Ell support beams installedSupport beam installed in ell

Like many old houses the cellar to the Daniel Glazier Tavern was dirt with heavy stone walls. The first thing to replace was dangerously rickety stairs and then install a sump pump. Stitch bolting the beams with new support beams created a sistering of new and old supports adding a much needed support to the floor above.

After the cement floor was poured the ell was tackled. The ell which goes out under the garage was connected to the basement through a small opening which was enlarged and the dirt floor excavated a bit in order to pour a new cement floor. Support footings were installed and laminated beams were placed on top of the footings in order to support the floor above it. It was a small cramped work area for the contractor to work.

Sill Restoration

The sill of a house is the connection between the hard stone or concrete basement and the wood of the house. Over time it gets moist and rots. Sill replacement is one of the biggest costs of old home repair that is never truly seen or appreciated.

old sillInterior of old sill to be replaced Sill rot in basementOld sill in basement to be replaced Exterior sill rot on SE corner of TavernExterior sill rot Exterior damage to sill on NE corner of TavernExterior damage of sill
New basement SillNew sill from interior View of repair interior sillInterior of replace sillInterior sill repaired Replaced exterior sillExterior of replaced sill Exterior sill replacedNE corner sill replaced
exterior Sill Repaired Exterior of new siding Exterior Siding replaced on NE sideexterior siding replaced on NE sideSiding replaced over new sill